About Us

Gadgets Mafia is an Online Marketplace for selling and buying Unboxed/Excess Stock, Refurbished mobiles. We offer high quality, branded products at highly discounted prices backed by the warranty and after sales service. Our buyers are continuously on the lookout for factory seconds and refurbished products. We negotiate the best prices on such products and pass on the savings to our customers. With all these advantages, buying Refurbished Factory Seconds is a 'Smart Alternative'.

All products sold on Gadgets mafia undergo a rigorous Quality Checking process and are covered under Warranty which is managed by Gadgets Mafia. We offer our buyers a convenient marketplace through our online platform. This is the safest place for you to purchase secondary products. 

What we offer:

  • Extensive Quality Check for all products
  • Warranty on all products – Unboxed/Excess Stock, refurbished and Certified Pre-owned
  • Cross-city transactions at a Pan-India level
  • Fully integrated Logistics support
  • Easy payment options (Online or Cash On Delivery)
  • Secure and hassle-free remittance
  • 15 day return policy
  • Online seller panel for managing transactions, products & inventory
  • Complete transparency in transactions
  • Help desk support (Toll-free access to Call center, Online Chat, and Email)

Value Proposition for the Buyer:

  • Buyer ease of access - gets choice of huge variety of products at great prices
  • Assured of quality of product
  • Assured of warranty on product
  • Price comparison between different sellers/locations
  • Seller’s ratings and track record are available
  • Option of paying online/cash on delivery
  • Receives the product at doorstep, anywhere Pan-India
  • Dedicated Call Centre
  • Complete transparency and process tracking via Gadgets Mafia  

What are we selling?

Gadgets Mafia is selling Unboxed/Excess Stock, Refurbished & Certified Pre-owned Mobiles, and Tablets.

What is unboxed / excess stock?

These are products that have been returned to the seller within a maximum of 30 days from the date of the first sale, due to free trial offer or some minor blemish. These come with all accessories and box with manufacturer warranty ranging from 6-10 months. These products are brought to you on Gadgets Mafia in perfect working condition with Full 6 month’s warranty in which the remaining warranty period is covered by Gadgets Mafia. Every Box Opened product is thoroughly inspected, tested and certified.

What is Refurbished?

These products have been refurbished by Brand and restored to their original condition and are Just Like New. They are again thoroughly tested by our trained service experts. Certified Refurbished products carry manufacturer warranty of typically 6 months.

What is certified Pre-Owned?

These are products that have been previously used. Every certified pre-owned product is thoroughly inspected, tested and certified. All certified pre-owned devices go through an intense quality check and are inspected for internal & external defects by our service experts and are restored ‘as good as new’. They come with 6-month warranty through Gadgets Mafia

Why are we selling?

Gadgets Mafia caters to the aspirational value of the buyers who want to buy mobile devices at lower prices without compromising on Warranty and Quality.

Where do the products come from?

In India, 20-25 Million devices are returned to sellers every year. Some of which are unboxed while others may be faulty. Faulty products are returned to the manufacturers and are refurbished by them. Thus is created a large cache of products that are either categorized as Unboxed or Refurbished.

Consumers tend to buy mobile devices every year but this does not mean that they scrap their old devices. These old devices have their own residual life and can be sold as Pre-owned.

What is the quality of the products?

All Unboxed/Excess Stock & Refurbished devices are equal to new. Gadgets Mafia ensures each device goes through a rigorous Quality Check and adds the residual warranty to give the end user 6 months warranty and complete peace of mind.

What is the warranty on the product?

Six months Warranty and Gadgets Mafia Protection Plan - Get an assured six-month warranty with every  Gadgets Mafia Refurbished Products. You can also extend the warranty by choosing Gadgets Mafia Protection Plan to further strengthen the products life.

What is the packaging condition of the products – are they box packed/sealed?

Unboxed/Excess Stock & Refurbished devices are delivered in the original manufacturer’s packaging without the seal.

What is the 15-day return policy?

Gadgets Mafia has 100% Money Back Guarantee that protects its buyers in case there is an issue with product quality or delivery. The issue needs to be reported by the buyer within 15 days of delivery. Gadgets Mafia guarantees resolution of Complaints within a maximum time of 30 days and provides a full refund if the issue is not resolved.


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